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    Identity thieves and cybercriminals value your identity. They can profit from your personal information by committing identity fraud — to open credit card accounts, obtain loans, and more — all in your name. Learn how to spot and help protect against identity theft.

    Tax Fraud
    You could be a victim if identity thieves commit tax-related crimes or fraud in your name. That includes filing for a fake tax refund. Learn how to help protect yourself against tax-fraud scammers.
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    Social Security Fraud
    Social Security fraud occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to obtain government services, a tax refund, or a job. Find out what to do if you’re a victim, and how to help protect your Social Security number.
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    Medical Fraud
    Medical fraud occurs when someone uses your personal information to obtain medical care, buy prescription drugs, and more. Learn how medical fraud can hurt your finances and health — and how to help protect against it.
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    Credit Card Fraud
    No one wants to become a victim of credit card fraud. Learn what to do when criminals make purchases or open new credit cards in your name. And find out how to help protect against it from happening.
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